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Donna meets with every couple prior to performing their wedding service. She discusses various laws of the commonwealth of which they will be joined, necessary changes for social security, registry of motor vehicle, medical benefits, insurance, and other necessary life changes. 

At the first meeting, working together to personalize a ceremony can and is fun and interesting. The ceremony is detailed to enhance not only the bridal couple, but to include welcoming or remember special people in their lives, various readings and writing original vows together. Every couple is unique; there are no “typical” services and Donna has written and published many pieces she may incorporate into the service. 



Professional and Corteous Service


  • Basic Services

  • Inter Faith Services

  • Baptism

  • Funerals





People are concerned regarding the length of the ceremony. Laugh if you wish, but the average attention span for an adult is 22 minutes. Donna wants people to leave the ceremony lifted from her message, many feel their own relationship renewed by the words they experience. 

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