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About us

I have been performing wedding services for 20+ years; I am both a Justice of the Peace and a Non-Denominational Minister at the Union Mission Chapel in Scituate, Massachusetts. 


I love what I do!  Weddings, baptisms, outreach ministry to families and seniors who have Alzheimer’s. 


The Golden Rule sums it up best, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  I believe it is how you live your life that counts.


It is the person who stops to help someone who is broken down on the side of the road, or  the person who assists a struggling young mother carry her children and groceries to the car; these are the people who will be rewarded here on earth and in heaven when their time comes.


In my personal life, husband Richard and I will soon be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.  We have three teenage children and strong relationships to our extended families, church and community.


In this day and age family dynamics can cause “unique” situations with step parents, siblings and distant relatives attending weddings.  I have seen it all!  After years of helping couples deal with inter


In today’s world people are very busy.  Many do not belong to a formal religious organization but would like to have a spiritual ceremony; some do not wish to make a formal commitment to a church, their lives and/or actual geographic location is in flux.  Some prefer to be married in an outdoor setting, while others prefer a church setting.  These settings are all possible.


I do believe in organized religion for myself and my family, but each and everyone of us has the right to have a personal relationship with God where ever and when ever they choose.  No one has the right to tell someone who to pray to or how or where to pray. 


In closing this section I want to once again state, this is your day, work with me to make sure the ceremony I perform is one that you will remember for all the days to come – happily.

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